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Thank you for your time today. My website will provide a brief overview for you to see my experience, strengths and vision to assist my clients to achieve their goals.

My 6 Laws of successful profit growth:

  1. Invest in what you know – Warren Buffet. {My story} I failed thinking I could run a software project without knowing the software. You can’t manage your way out of a technical difficulty. I learned that I needed to partner with those who know, or don’t invest.
  2. Work with people you get along with. {My Story} We had a really bad conversation with vendor after the project has it’s first rough spot. It only got worse from there. It is sometimes best to cut the cord and minimize losses.
  3. Partner with people with the same vision. {My story} I learned that my strategic partners must have the same growth strategy. I cannot be in growth mode, with a partner in maintain mode.
  4. Look for partners that a strong commitment to building relationships. {My story} It is best to team up with partners who want to look at a long term strategy relationship.
  5. Minimize your risks and maximize your success. {My story} We don’t sign long term marketing contracts with anyone and so that keeps us nimble. That lets us make changes. 4x revenues with Facebook live videos and it didn’t cost us anything vs. PPC. New technology cannot replace old relationships.
  6. Become a trusted advisor as the pinnacle of your wheel house. {My Story} This goes back to putting yourself in other’s shoes and approaching things from a servant leader perspective.