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Discover a new way to combine group sales, events and unique offers to grow your hotel’s bottom line

San Diego, United States, [August 14th, 2017].

The new book, Hospitality Marketing Synergy, to be released August 18th on Amazon, combines the expertise of Jason McKee, Jeremiah Magone and Loren Gray to deliver a new way of looking at hospitality sales.

This book takes readers down the path that let Jason McKee generate $224k in group business, in a single day, by showing you how to create win-win partnerships, or “mutual equity partnerships”, with meeting planners and other local business.

By forming these sustainable relationships, further case studies are given, such as:

  • How Jason McKee booked 3,000 room nights in Atlanta with a single email to an info@ address
  • What Loren Gray did to overcome a sudden group cancelation and reach 100% occupancy in only 3 weeks
  • Small changes that Filipe Machaz has made with some clients to help them progressively grow their number of direct bookings and free themselves from OTA dependency
  • How Barry Nakano assembled 38 New Orleans hotels around the yearly Voodoo festival, to drastically reduce 3rd party commissions and drive repeat business
  • And how Jeremiah Magone used this idea to create the largest copywriting team in the hospitality industry

Other notable figures are commented on throughout the book, such as; Mike Leven, Michael Dominguez, Calvin Anderson, Jay Litt, Robert Rauch, Brian Tracy and Jason Edwards, who all bring their unique perspectives on the state of hotel group sales environment in 2017.


This book also focuses on helping people develop the leadership skills they need to take their hotels and their careers to the next level.

It does this through mapping exercises, which help you create ideas for building alliances.

It helps you set up a system of accountability so you keep taking substantive steps towards your goals.

And it gives you a simple way to measure and incentivize your hotel’s shift from 3rd party bookings to direct bookings, so you can continue driving RevPAR, even in a flat economy.

To be successful in life, after all, one needs strategy and resolve.

That’s why this book takes a two-pronged approach of strategy and leadership training to help you create a culture of service excellence at your hotel, and achieve the life you really want.


To learn more about the Hospitality Marketing Synergy system, please join our webinar on August 16th at 11am PST, where Jason McKee and Jeremiah Magone will walk you through several case studies, and explain this new way of approaching the art of hospitality group sales at each step.

Register here: https://app.webinarjam.net/register/37798/2768690f17

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